Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within episode 1 review

Woah! I was very surprised by the opening episode in this game. I really liked it though. This review will be very spoilery because I have to talk about a few big events that happen in this episode but I’ll sum up my non-spoilery thoughts here real quick. If you liked the first game, you’ll really like this. It’s really exciting and there’s a few really shocking things that happen. It took me a few hours to completely play through because I had to get used to the game mechanics on my pc, as I had played the previous game on my IPad, but the game is really good and I’d recommend it.

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Ozark review

Ozark is amazing. If you are looking for a recommendation for a TV show to watch during August, you won’t find a much better show than Ozark. I heard a recommendation from someone about this show, and I decided to check it out because the creator of the series (Bill Dubuque) wrote one of my favourite movies of last year (The Accountant), and oh my god Ozark was incredible! It completely surprised me and to be honest I’m disappointed that I’ve not seen Netflix advertise it more. This is their next House of Cards or the next Breaking Bad. It’s that good. I love the show and can’t wait for season 2.

Ozark is about a financial advisor (played by Jason Bateman) who launders money for the 2nd biggest cartel in Mexico. This show twists and turns so much that it’s enthralling to watch. I was hooked on this show within the first half hour and I ‘binged’ it pretty quickly (I took about a week to watch it because I find it really hard to properly binge a TV show. After about 3 hours I need to do something else. Usually it takes me about 2/3 weeks to watch a season of a show I like). This show is addictive and I think it’s because of how everything just works. From the acting to the writing, everything is so great that it’s easy to watch and it’s shocking as well. The show surprised me multiple times and it kept me on the edge of my seat (especially towards the end of the season).

In the opening paragraph I compared it to House of Cards and Breaking Bad, and I think my comparisons are pretty on point for this show. Ozark is quite similar to Breaking Bad (especially season 4 and 5 of the show) in terms of how good it is, but I think Ozark is a bit darker than Breaking Bad. It’s a bit more thrilling and a little bit darker, but if you loved Breaking Bad you will love this show. I also compared it to House of Cards because I think it’s about as dark as House of Cards and it’s just as enthalling and well written. Ozark is something really special and if Netflix gives the show a real push around awards season, it would be a serious awards contender. It is a truly great show, and is in my top 5 favourite shows of all time.

Acting wise, I think the real ‘MVPs’ of the season are Jason Bateman, Julia Garner, and Peter Mullan. However there isn’t a bad actor in the bunch and I could mention at least 10-20 other actors who deserve credit for what they have done in this series. Jason Bateman is great in this series. Before this, I’d only seen Bateman in comedies like Identity Thief and Horrible Bosses so I didn’t expect him to have the acting chops he shows here. Jason Bateman’s character Marty is the main character and the vocal point of the series. A lot of shit happens to him and Bateman’s Marty is incredible.He gets a lot of the best monologues and lines, and whilst Bateman could have made Marty pretty unlikable and ruined the show, he doesn’t. He makes Marty someone you route for and really emphasise with. Jason Bateman is really talented and I’d love to see him in more dramatic roles.

Julia Garner plays Ruth Langmore, and she was my favourite character in this show. I loved all the Langmores as they were such an interesting family and the main three Langmores (Russ, Ruth and Wyatt) each have such a great story arc. The Langmores are a ‘white trash’ family and Ruth is my favourite because she was really smart and I loved following what she was doing and how powerful she was. I think her decision around towards the end of the season was something I wasn’t expecting and I’d like to see how she develops further in season 2. I really liked her though.

My last MVP was Peter Mullan. He plays a businessman called Jacob Snell who has a lot of power in the Ozarks. To be honest it was really hard to narrow down who would be my third MVP because there are quite a number of characters I think deserve to be mentioned, however I went with Mullan because even with his relatively short amount of screen time, he made a huge impression. I think his role will be much bigger in season 2 and I am excited to see more of the Snells. They are also a very interesting family.

The only problem I had with the show was that it suffered slightly from Skyler syndrome. I didn’t like Wendy Byrde (played by Laura Linney) for a lot of the series. However I don’t think she was written to be much of a likable character. I think the stuff that she did to Marty at the start of the season really coloured my view for a lot of the season and I didn’t like how towards the beginning of the season she constantly moaning about moving. I could understand why she was the way she was and I liked her more towards the end of the series, but she was still my least favourite character. However this was only a tiny tiny problem and the rest of the show was so incredible that I forgive it for this character.

Overall, if you haven’t already, watch Ozark. It’s great TV. It’s written increbly, the acting is great, the story is fantastic and there’s loads of tension and it’s not predictable. It could be the next Breaking Bad. I love it and I really recommend it.

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Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within reaction, and hopes for the sequel

I’m not a huge gamer. My gaming habits consist of playing The Sims games and mobile games. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Destiny and No Mans Sky in terms of narrative or game style. I’m a very casual gamer. However I played Telltale’s Batman game because I saw it on my iPad’s app store and I adore Batman. Batman is one of my favourite comic book characters. I played through the first episode (which was about 2 hours of game play, from what I can remember) and I was hooked. The game was so cinematic and was really interesting as instead of focusing on the Batman, it focused on Bruce Wayne. It was a different direction to previous stuff I had seen for the character and it was so fun to choose what direction you wanted the game to go in. It was like you were building your own game which is something I like. After completing the first episode, I bought the season pass and played through the game. It was so twisty and turny and brought in characters from the Batman mythos so well that I adored the game. It was clever, fun, interesting and quite a bit different. As soon as I finished episode five, I was excited for a sequel. Now that one has been announced, I’m going to talk about what is seen in the teaser and what I hope will be in the game. Beware, spoilers for Telltale’s Batman ahead.


I’m going to start with what we see in the teaser.The teaser opens with an empty cell with some framed newspaper clippings. The voiceover is the Joker (or proto-Joker as the developers say in the video) “I told you I’d see you again, didn’t I?” so I’m assuming that within the first couple of episodes Bruce Wayne will see The Joker again. I’m not sure whether this will be an interaction where Bruce takes the Joker back to Arkham as at the end of the first game, The Joker is seen at a bar out of the asylum, or one where The Joker is back in Arkham. Personally I think the first scenario is far more likely as who wouldn’t want to see Batman and The Joker fight properly. I bet it will be a very interesting conversation though because I thought The Joker stuff in the game was absolutely fantastic.


The next parts of the teaser show a newspaper clipping saying ‘Gruesome clues signal a bizarre new criminal in Gotham’ . From what is shown at the end of the teaser, I think The Joker and The Riddler are working together in someway as the clues part of the headline just makes me think of The Riddler. However the gruesomeness of the crime (a mutilated body of a Judge whose eyes have been ripped out. A funny way of saying justice is blind.) isn’t something I associate with The Riddler. That being said, I’ve never read much of The Riddler so this may just be an interpretation of his character. However The Joker voiceover of how they are basically two sides of the same coin (I’m assuming he’s talking to Bruce) is making me think the crimes are connected to him somehow.


Then we see a dead man next to loads of safes with a sticker of a face on. I don’t know who he is or who the face sticker is of, but I don’t think the character will be of much importance.During this point of the teaser, The Joker is saying “I’ve made some new friends.” then we see Batman in front of some screens. The screens turn from static to The Riddler’s famous hallmark of a green question mark. These screens are next to the safes we see earlier in the trailer, so I think we find out about The Riddler very early into the game.

IMG_2198I think The Joker’s comments during this sequence seem to confirm that The Riddler and he are working together, which would be very fun and exciting from a narrative perspective. I also think The Riddler will be a very interesting threat as a main villain as in the first game we saw the deconstruction of Bruce Wayne. We learned what made him tick and Vicki Vale really messed with his head. She was a very clever villain and everything she did worked in a way to mess with Bruce’s psyche. I know she got The Penguin to do a lot of the work, but both of them really did some sneaky shit. Even though Bruce Wayne’s name has been restored and he’s back as CEO of Wayne Enterprises, I think stuff from the first game will be in his head and, as The Riddler will play with Bruce’s head, it’ll be interesting to see if , in these games, Bruce Wayne is Batman or Batman is Bruce Wayne. It’ll be sort of interesting if Telltale makes that a question players are asking themselves within the game. I suppose the question is answered on your style of gameplay, as there will be so many choices in the game and you are the one deciding Bruce Wayne’s fate.

As The Joker said at the end of the teaser, We are going to have so much fun.

Now that I’ve analysed everything I possibly could in the small teaser, I’m going to list the top three things I’d love to see in this game.

Number 1: Glimpses of other villians


In the first game we saw so many characters who are icons in Batman mythology. We had Harvey Dent (who was turned into Two Face), Catwoman, The Penguin, Falcone, and The Joker just to name a few. I hope that this game introduces us to some of Gotham’s other characters. Personally, my top three picks for new characters would be Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Scarecrow. However, I’d love to see Bane, Mad Hatter, Talia Al Ghul, and the Calender Man be part of the Telltale Batman universe. I think Poison Ivy would be really cool in this game especially as she is a very interesting villain. Also I think it would be great to see this universe’s version of Harley Quinn , but I’m not 100% sure she’d fit in with the story yet as I don’t think this version of The Joker has really found his criminal self yet. However a mention of a Dr Harleen Quinzelle would be excellent.

Number 2: The return of Catwoman


In the first game, I loved the relationship between Bruce and Selina. It was great and very sexy when it needed to be. I loved their chemistry and really added to the story. Since she left Gotham in episode five, I really hope she comes back. She was one of my favourite characters in the game, and I loved the bar fight in episode 3 (I think). If she came back we might be able to see some development in their relationship, and maybe we could see more interaction between her and other villians which could be very cool.

Number 3: The development of Two Face


Harvey Dent wasn’t a great friend to Bruce Wayne when everyone found out Bruce Wayne’s father wasn’t a good guy, but when his half of face got burnt off, he lost his sanity and no guy really deserves that. However when he tried to seize the Wayne Estate and tried to kill Alfred, he became a villain. Then Harvey was sent to either Prison or Arkham (depending on your choice). In this sequel, I’d love to see Dent again, so I hope to see an Arkham break out or riot. I’d also love to see Dent develop his villianess and see what happened to his character after this first game. I don’t think we need to see lots of him, but I’d like him to have a role similar in length to The Joker in the first game.

Overall, I’m really excited for this game. I think this game could be a lot of fun and The Riddler and Joker working together sounds particularly exciting.  Whilst we don’t see much in the teaser, what we do see looks very good. I’ve listed a few things I’d love to see in the sequel, like seeing glimpses of other villians in the Batman universe and the return of a couple characters. Comment anything you saw in the teaser that I didn’t mention or anything you want to see in this game.

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Jodie Whittaker cast as the 13th Doctor

Before I get in depth with this opinion piece, I have to say I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who. I’ve watched it since the start of ‘new Who’ (the start of the 9th Doctor’s run) and I absolutely love it. Whilst I think the show hasn’t been very good for a few seasons now, I did like Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. He wasn’t my favourite Doctor (I don’t think anyone has come close to what David Tennant did in the role), he was very very good. It was a bit of a shame that Capaldi was saddled with an awful showrunner and bad writing. I think something really special could have been if Capaldi had had a better showrunner during his tenure as Doctor.

I know it might be a bit weird mentioning Capaldi in the introduction to a article about the new doctor, but I think his tenure as Doctor is really important in terms of the direction the show has gone in recently. From a female Master to Bill, the show has focused more on social justice than on good storytelling. Whilst I really liked Missy and liked Bill (most of the time), last season fell prey to this social justice focus far too much, making the show borderline unwatchable at points. Bill was a black, female lesbian who I think pointed to her attributes of being a black lesbian far too much. She was a good character when the show wasn’t referencing how progressive and modern it was being by having her character as the companion. It wasn’t necessary and it switched off a lot of viewers (with the season’s viewing figures being the lowest of ‘new Who’ and the 5th lowest of the series ever). Whilst I know there will be a new showrunner next season (Chris Chibnail) and I know we will not be seeing Bill or Missy again, I’m concerned that this casting is just a continuation of this trend. I’m concerned that the creative team behind Doctor Who won’t focus on stuff that really made me love the show but instead focus on getting social justice points. With the viewing figures from the last season (where the secondary character was a female), I’m worried Doctor Who will leak viewers if it continues down the path it’s been going down. Personally I’m worried that the show I once adored will end up being an unwatchable mess (and potentially being cancelled) due to the show pandering to a vocal minority.

With all that being said, I do like the actress they have chosen. As soon as they showed her face in the promo, I recognised her. I didn’t know from where until I looked on IMDB and discovered Jodie Whittaker was previously in Black Mirror. Not only was she in Black Mirror (my favourite show), she was in my favourite episode of Black Mirror. Whilst she wasn’t the main character in that episode, she had a pivotal role and was really good. I think if the writing is great and Jodie Whittaker is great in the role of The Doctor, the show could become really special again. It could even become as good as it was when David Tennant was The Doctor.

However I’m a little bit skeptical. Doctor Who is a British entertainment icon, just like The Beatles or James Bond. I’m passionate about it, as are a lot of British people. I think there’s a specific type of look and character that comes to mind when you think of The Doctor. If I was the casting director, Jodie Whittaker wouldn’t have been my top choice for the role. I don’t know who I would have picked, but a couple of  fan castings I saw that I thought were pretty good were Rupert Grint, Andrew Scott, and Hugh Laurie. I didn’t like some of the  popular bets for the 13th doctor such as Michaela Coel, Richard Ayoade, and Phoebe Waller Bridge. There wasn’t someone in the running for the 13th Doctor that I thought was a wow casting or unrealistic for the show. Jodie Whittaker isn’t a wow choice, in my opinion. I haven’t seen her in much but she isn’t a complete unknown. She’s not won an award and hasn’t got a large following. But she is a pretty good actress and will bring something new to the role.

Overall, I think the show will have to work incredibly hard to win a large segment of the viewing base over. I’ve already seen people online who hate the casting. I’ve seen people who have loved the casting. I’m somewhat in between. Personally, I think Whittaker has three episodes to really impress people and win them over. If the show focuses on The Doctor being a woman and its ‘progressiveness’ over writing and great stories, it’s going to lose a lot of viewers. It also may lose me along the way. I did stop watch Doctor Who for a time because the writing got so awful, I found it completely unwatchable. This was towards the end of the 11th Doctor’s run. If Whittaker isn’t a good Doctor or the show gets too obsessed with itself, I think I might have to give up on Doctor Who once again.

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Hello, welcome to my blog, Chelsea The Movie Nerd. I’m Chelsea and as the name implies I am a movie nerd. I love films. I grew up watching films like Jurassic Park, the Back to the Future films, the Indiana Jones trilogy, and the James Bond films. My favourite films include The Prestige, Back to the Future part 2, X-Men: First Class, Jurassic Park Guardians of the Galaxy, and Logan.

This blog will include Box Office reports, reviews, and random posts about certain events and movie news that I find interesting and can put a cool spin on. I’m going to post at least once a week, but I may post a little more often or little less often. This is something quite new for me, but I hope I can make it interesting.

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